Sample Essay

Nintendo has been using very diverse online marketing strategies to attract the market and promote Wii to its target market. The company has allotted a substantial portion, which amounts to about $10 million, of its marketing budget to online marketing. The strategies employed by the company for the promotion of Wii include using standard online marketing tools such as advertisements on the net, banners and drop down ads in the popular search engine based mailing systems as well advertising on online communities and forums.

The above mentioned online marketing strategies which were highlighted come into the push marketing strategies. The pull strategies that are being used by the company pertain to investment in a MySpace page for Wii where it encourages Wii fans to submit content online which is published by the company on the MySpace page. Moreover the page also provides information about the Nintendo’s product of Wii while providing teasers about upcoming launches. Aside from this the company has also established a website for providing their customers with free content and downloads of sample and trail games in order to promote its console.

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