Sample Essay

The company simultaneously is marketing Wii though, above the line advertising, word of mouth, PR events, brand building as well as activity based programs. The print advertising that is being utilized by the company.

The print based marketing campaign which is launched by the Nintendo for includes posters, magazine ads as well as a periodic newsletter for the current customers of Wii. “The hands-on experiences of thousands of consumers, along with tie-ins with brands including 7-Eleven, Pringles and Comedy Central, were complemented by a clever TV and print campaign from Leo Burnett USA, Chicago, that featured two Japanese gentlemen traveling across America in a Smart car, ringing doorbells and politely inviting us all to join them with the signature phrase, “Wii would like to play.” Publicis Groupe sibling Starcom handled media buying.” (Bulik, 2007) Additionally the company has also invested in a Nintendo Wii Like Magazine which is devotes to the Wii products and provides an avenue for Wii fans, enthusiasts and gamers to collect information and updates about Wii as well as contribute their knowledge by providing this content insertions and feedback. Information about the different Wii based games and an upgrade is provided though this magazine to the target market along with news of Nintendo Wii based events in different localities. This is an interactive strategy based on magazine advertising that helps in retaining current customers for Wii while establishing new ones as well through word of mouth association and promotions.

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