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Sales of products online are influenced by the recommendation, the brand names, the word of mouth based marketing as well as the competitive features and price of the products. Peer recommendation and product reviews play an important part when it comes to sales of products in the online environment. The customers have access to product reviews and feedback provided by other consumers who have bought the product on the internet. They browse though these recommendations and product reviews and base their decisions to purchase the product on the comments provided by their fellow consumers. A research undertaken by Senecal & Nantel (2004) investigated the consumers usage of the online recommendation sources and depicted the high level of importance online shoppers associate with product recommendation online for purchasing the product. As a result the high level of sale of a product is associated with its recommendation online.

Similarly when it comes to word of mouth promotion, it is also an effective marketing strategy to drive the sales of the product in the online environment. Chevalier & Mayzlin (2006) undertook a research pertaining the word of mouth marketing associated with Amazon boos and products sold on Their research provided that those products which had favorable comments or customer reviews on had higher sales on the website. However it needs to be noted that recommendation and word of mouth promotion is not enough to market or sell the product online. Instead a complete attractive package needs to be provided to the customers. The competitive pricing of the products and a supporting advertising/ marketing strategy online generates high sales for the products online (Clay et al, 2001). A research undertaken by

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