Sample Essay

The character of Sam Witwicky as played by Shia LaBeouf is shown to be interested in cars and pursuing an independent life and surfing the web. He is shown to be striving to sell his grandfathers glasses through eBay on the internet which depicts his knowledge of the internet technology and his hobby of surfing the web. I share the hobbies of Sam Wictwicky which pertain to fast cars and surfing the web. While I do not have the funds to acquire fast cars in my current financial state, I do have a dream car in the form of a Buggatti Veyron which I much covet. Aside from this I am an active internet user and spend much of time on facebook and other social networking sites like MySpace and Twitter.

The social life for Sam Witwicky in the movie is depicted to be very limited. While Sam does strive hard to make new friends, particularly with the opposite sex, his efforts are thwarted by his role and his popularity level in the social circles. Sam is highly unpopular in his high school as he is considered to be an underdog and a geeky individual with eccentric tastes and approach towards life. While he does try to be more mainstream, his family and his background limit his efforts. Similarly I am also not regarded as being a popular individual in my high school. My relationships with the opposite sex have been almost non existent but it has not been due to lack of trying but due to lack of opportunity and presence in the relevant social circles. I have been living my life mostly as a social underdog which best describes my social position in my high school.

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