Sample Essay

While I am also an only child in my family and therefore have been the sole recipient of my parents’ attention, my parents have been more independent in my raising. My father has the more powerful personality and plays a strong role in my life while my mother is more of a supportive wife and mother. My father however had laid strict guidelines for the household and its members that we all have been disciplines with. This is in complete contrast with the family of Sam Witwicky.

My attitude in life has been to excel in both academics as well as in my professional life, and for this objective I have worked hard to attain my set goals. As a result my social life has suffered considerably and I admit to not having made long term friends or alliances that with my peers. This is reflective of my serious attitude towards my goals in life but also shows loads about my attitude. I am a serious person who does not waste time on things or hobbies that have no meaning for me or provide me with no direct benefit. The character of Sam Witwicky has a similar attitude where he is driven by is goals and objectives in life. In Transformers, the objective of Sam Witwicky as depicted in the first few scenes is to make someone of himself and to be famous. While my goals and objectives are different the drive and the motivation that I have along with my attitude is similar to that of Sam Witwicky.

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