Sample Essay

The review of literature has turned in several reasons as to why battered women stay in abusive relationships rather than stepping out of it and not everyone would understand them. It is only when a person goes through the same thing that he understands what must be going on with someone. It is not a good idea to just blame the women for not leaving their abusive husbands or boyfriends.

The reason behind a woman being expected to leave an abusive partner is exactly the reason she does not take such a step. Rather, one should find out what has actually led to such a relationship and help the victim out of it. They should be guaranteed support in the case they wish to step out and get over the abuser. They are a frightened party who has been humiliated and demeaned beyond thinking; at such times what they require is a great deal of support and love. Together with that they need security and surety that they would not be followed by their husbands after they demand a divorce, or simply leave their partner.

Other than security such women are in need of psychological help as well. They need a psychiatrist who would help them see the reality as it is rather than continuing to believe in their husbands who are the wrongdoers. They need to be helped out emotionally. From researches it has been concluded that the time period of 6 months following moving out of a relationship turns out to be extremely intensive in a psychological manner and the women are very vulnerable during this time period. They have low confidence regarding the decision they have taken about moving out; they are still very much tempted to return to their partners.

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