Sample Essay

The relationship that exists between a client and a counselor or therapist is a form of a therapeutic relationship. “A therapeutic relationship is a planned and goal directed connection between a registered professional and a client for the purpose of providing care to the client and their significant others in order to meet the client’s therapeutic needs. The foundation of a therapeutic relationship is respect for the dignity and worth of the client. A therapeutic relationship is contractual, which means that the time and location of the interaction are defined.” (‘Professional Boundaries for Therapeutic Relationships’)

            As a registered counselor my profession involves dealing with clients and helping them through to form their careers and select the best career paths from amongst those which are available to them. As a experienced professional in the field with an established number of years experience, skills of personnel/ human counseling and the resources that are available to me, I distinctly have authority, and power over the clients who are usually in a confused state when they come to me for help. Therefore the concept that the professional holds the majority of the power in the client and professional relationship as depicted by Peterson is true in this case. Another thing which rings true from the text by Peterson is the perfection which is sought by me when counseling to the clients.

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