Sample Essay

As the problems that are being targeted by the employee assistance programs tend to increase the health risks of the employees by deteriorating their health, the merger of the employee assistance programs and the health programs is conducted. This is also supported by the fact that the substance abuse, obesity, alcoholism as well as stress and depression can cause health problem s such as ulcers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases making the employees sicker. Therefore targeting these ailments and problems by the EAP allows the company to fulfill and target the health problems of the employees as well. This provides a good basis for the merger of the employee assistance programs and the employee health programs.

By integrating the two programs under the EAP, the company would be able to better target its employees and more effectively and efficiently manage their resources for these programs. The staffing costs as well as the program running costs would decrease considerably as the two programs are merged into one. Moreover the willingness of the workers to enroll for the substance abuse program can also be tackled by the Telecom Inc, through the merger of the health programs and the substance abuse program under the EAP whereby it can be made mandatory for employees who are observed through the health program in terms of suffering form the problem of substance abuse to seek the aid and support provide by the EAP for health care and substance abuse.

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