Sample Essay

While employee assistance programs (EAPs) and the Employee Health Programs (EHPs) were strategically being employed by the human source management function of the companies and the businesses, in order to increase the general health of the employees and to provide consultancy and support for overcoming depression and any clinical or substance abuse problem as well as working with disabilities, the two programs of EAPs and EHPs to be merged to form one program.

This is because both the programs have the same strategic intent of improving the health of the employees and making them more fit while providing them with individual consultancy and support services. The health programs therefore have been integrated in the employee assistance programs by most companies to provide the same mix of service and facilities to their employees. Moreover the trend in the recent years has also been towards high rate of substance abuse, alcoholism, obesity, and depression which leads to apparent problems in the productivity of the employees as well as the health deterioration of the workforce.

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