Sample Essay

Mass media in the region is under either private or public ownership that all operate in a mixed economy with no presence of free market economics. Media ownership inCanadaprimarily takes the form of oligopoly or monopoly in the market as major production houses and media companies head multiple segments of media in the market. This is mostly due to presence of expansiveUSmedia pertaining to films, television, Cinema and even the publishing and magazine sector. The newspaper publishing sector is the only sector where the Canadian ownership dominates over the US ownerships of media.

Horizontal integration involves selling similar products in different types of markets. In terms of the communications sector in Canada, the media giants tend to offer the same product and services to the consumers through different channels of dissemination. Vertical integration on the other hand involves creating a hierarchy or product and services whereby differentiate products and which are market specific are provided to the customer. Vertical integration also exists in the Canadian communications sector whereby they are providing services for television, cinema as well as publishing materials all under the name of one company.

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