Sample Essay

The Marks and Spencer company is an established business which has a set brand reputation and persona ion the retailing world. As a result its marketing campaigns for the internet operations have to be cohesive and integrated with the marketing campaigns in its physical stores. The company has been using multiple communication medium, based on the internet as well as new communication technology to market to its customers.

The company has been marketing to its customers through e-catalogues, essentially replicas of print catalogues (‘Case Studies: Marks and Spencer’, 2009), which are emailed to the current frequent customers of the company as well as those who seek to order them from the company. The online catalogues present a list of products, their price and product information to the customers enabling them to have access to updated information regarding the products and services on M&S Online. The customers can then order the required products through the online shopping portal.

Aside from this the company also provides exclusive online discounts to its customers which can be availed online through its M&S Online shopping portal (KatyArmitage, 2008). Discounts up to 70 percent have been provided to the customers for products sold online. The company makes use of banner ads, email based advertising as mobile based marketing to inform the customers about the latest promotions and online discounts. In 2008, the company launched the first mobile based marketing campaign aimed at customer that shop on the internet at M&S Online. “The new mobile marketing campaign is part of M&S’ Back to School campaign. Keywords such as ‘SCHOOL1’ and ‘SCHOOL2′ have been included in Back to School adverts and consumers are invited to text the keywords to the shortcode 65006, allowing M&S to track response rates:

Respondents then receive a bounce-back text message with a link to access M&S’ Back to School mobile internet site from their handsets.” (Clark, 2008)

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