Sample Essay

As it was depicted in the case that the Orbital Engine Corporation sought aggressively to attract the attention of the automotive industry giants to adopt the technology for the two stroke orbital engine, however the reputation of the Australian innovations and innovators as well as the perceptions of the, local industry placed the company in a relatively negative position when it came to technology adoption.

The company as a result was forced to diversify its focus and technology orientation and utilization in other fields pertaining to combustible engine based motors, and marine outboard motors. This provided the company with an outlet to use the revolutionary technology to be used in an industry which was open to technology innovation and adoption of new ideas. The other markets in which the Orbital Engine Company was able to diversify into and introduce the usage and effectiveness of its product included the motorcycle industry the scooter industry as well as the personal water craft and industrial utility industries. Aside from this gardening tool and echolike manufacturers also adopted the much better and cost effective technology of two stroke engines by Orbital Engine Corporation for their garden equipment applications.

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