Sample Essay

In short the orbital engine technology in a two stroke engine provided the benefits of a less polluting and better performing engine was a revolutionary technology. “The Orbital Engine Co discovered that the sophisticated fuel-injection and combustion system developed for the orbital engine could be used on two-stroke engines, making them much more powerful, fuel-efficient and clean.

The Orbital Combustion Process engine has been refined into a two-stroke engine that is 50% lighter, 30% more fuel efficient, 20% cheaper to make, 70% smaller, and produces 30% less pollution than traditional engines.” (Orbital Engine Technology, 1995) The technology however faced significant hardships in terms of marketing itself to the automotive market for adoption of the technology. This was mostly because of the reasons that the company of Orbital Engine Corporation was basically an innovation and technology driven company with little or no experience in dealing with clients, specifically the shrewd ones like the large automotive giants in the industry. This put the company at a disadvantage in terms of marketing its product to the customers.

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