Sample Essay

Orbital Engine Corporation is a company which specializes in manufacturing innovative two stroke engines which are much more suited to the market for automotive parts and combustion technology based vehicles.

“Orbital Corporation Limited is an international developer of engine and related technologies. The company provides research, design, development and testing services to many of the world’s powertrain producers, regulatory authorities and research institutions.” (‘About Orbital Overview’)The Orbital Engine Corporation was commences by Ralph Sarich an inventor and engineer who modified the combustion engine technology in the 70s and came up with the two stroke engine which was very similar in design and functionality to the rotary engine but was much less complicated, expensive and better performing. The company was initiated in 1973 inAustraliaand since then has been striving to establish the orbital engine technology in the automotive industry market. However over the period of years, the company has diversified its focus to include alternative combustion engine based vehicles and machines as well.

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