Sample Essay

Globalization is making countries lose their identities in forms as subtle as rendering the new generation depraved of their own culture and their local cuisine. We live in a world which is highly integrated in terms of communication, media as well as access to information about the remote and the different countries of the world. The internet has made everything available to people at a push of a button, while the numerous channels that are airing on the television provide specialized airtime as well as programming on international and exotic culture for ones home and ones lunch and dinner party extravaganzas.

The specific food channels are also filled with cooking shows which depict how an international dish can be made at home at ones leisure. While on an occasional basis indulging in international culture and food is not bad, the adoption of the diverse way of life is harmful in the long run. The trend for globalization and its affect on food and culture have been positive for the European countries while negative for the UK and theUS, as per the research conducted by Financial Times Harris Survey on the developed countries. (‘Globalization Rap’, 2007)

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