Sample Essay

Geographical boundaries, cultural restrictions and language restrictions do not create hurdles for the expansion of a business these days.  Multinational companies are opening branches in every county. Even small scaled organizations are extending their corporate leads beyond boundaries. They hire staff in every country so the communication between branches is easy.

There is one thing which you need to remember. Economic policies differ a lot between countries.  Before the branch of an organization is opened in a country, all these policies need to be understood.  Apart from that, government permissions are taken to hire staff, pay salaries and buy construction sites. The tax rate for multinational companies may be higher than national organizations. This rate also depends on the import duties applied on a particular country.  The tax rate will vary with the import duty figure.  The relation with a certain country is also important to determine the tax rate.

Presenting a product line globally is not easy and several factors need to be considered.  What do the residents of the county prefer?  Chinese people prefer spicy food products. Hence, if a company launches a range of boiled food, it would fail.  Similarly, to make a meat product successful in Africa, you need to work on the selection of flavors.

A product may be banned if it violates the cultural significance of a country. Some governments are very strict about their cultural significance. In severe conditions, the government may close down all the branches of the company in the country.

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