Sample Essay

Globalization has affected the cultures of the different regions of the world in diverse manners. For some regions, globalization has opened new avenues for them to increase their trade and establish themselves prominently in the international market. One of the main attributes of globalization however has been the migration and the widespread diversity in the food culture of both the developed as well as the developing nations.

The focus of this paper however is the migration of the Chinese food culture form the east to the west and how it has changed the food consumption and taste menus in the western society. Culinary art has always been the fascinating area of my personal interest. The floating of the scent in the air whiles the sizzling fire dancing on the stove all composed into a symphonic painting. On the other hand, being a Chinese, what intrigued me at this subject is how Chinese food has transformed and evolved from a daily necessities for such a mass population in the East passing across the ocean and adapted the western culture and become one of the popular dine out choices here in the States.

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