Sample Essay

The LED technology field is a rapidly developing field which can provide significant advantage when it comes to application of the products based on the technology on a massive scale. The ADWEA is in a position to support such adoption of technology in a large scale in the prospective market ofAbu Dhabias the ADWEA is the sole provider for energy, electricity and water and its management authority in the region. Therefore financial support from the ADWEA and association with the organization can provide significant advantage to the company to effectively target and attain the market for LED lighting in the region.

The business venture would also be a good prospective for investment for ADWEA as the company would be providing new technology for lighting which is economic, cost efficient, energy efficient, innovative as well as environment friendly. The characteristics of the product and service provision coincide with the core values and vision of the ADWEA, indicating that by investing in the business venture, the ADWEA would be able to further act upon its vision and core values of its business. Therefore the business venture provides itself as an appealing and a beneficial investment opportunity for the ADWEA and as a result the organization should take actionable steps to invest in the business venture and attain significant advantage in the market for itself

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