Sample Essay

The main technology that is used in the products is the LED and OLED technology. Traditionally the OLED technology in PDAs, and hand held devices to provide background luminescent lighting. The technology could be sourced from alternative sources of energy was efficient in terms of energy usage. The main con of this technology however was that it provided limited light and in order to increase lighting strength, the size of the OLED lighting surface needed to be increased. The developments in technology now however have provided us with boosters to enhance the lighting from the OLED technology, thus enhancing the benefits and advantages provided by the OLED technology enabled the OLED.

Similarly the other technology that is the basis of the proposed products is the LED technology. The LED technology was initially used in indicator lamps only, however now the development in the field of lighting through LED has increased the use and the benefits of the LED. LED technology uses light emitting diodes that are small light sourcing devices. The energy processing through the diodes does not generate heat. This is one of the advantages of the technology as it allows the energy transfer in the lighting fixtures ton be 100 percent efficient with all the energy being transferred into light instead of it being partially transferred to heat and light.

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