Sample Essay

The LED technology is an innovative technology that can be used for lighting bulbs as well. The LED technology was traditionally limited and could not be applied for lighting large spaces, however with the advancement of technology and the use of boosters it is now possible to light large spaces as well. These characteristics would be used by the company to manufacture LED technology based lights for use in industrial, commercial and residential spaces. The benefit of the technology is that it is robust, mobile, small, convenient, environment friendly, user friendly as well as reliable and non toxic which increases the appeal of LED technology based lighting products. Moreover lights based on LED technology are much more efficient in terms of energy usage as they convert 90-100 percent of the energy into light with no heat energy transfer.


The industry analysis revealed a trend towards extensive investment in the Led technology. This is because the LED technology is increasingly being considered the lighting solution for the future. Countries around the world are investing in LED lighting technology as well as in the research and development in the field because of the benefits that it provides along with the fact that the LED technology based lighting can be convenient and effectively based on solar energy as well making it much more energy efficient.

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