It is important that the issues, which plague PPPs in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations, are not unique to the region. The same problems are faced by other countries.  The crux of the matter is that regional factors need to be addressed. First, the stakeholder alignment is a factor that leads to delays in PPP projects. Basically when nations do not understand how the concept of PPP works; educating the decision makers involved is a herculean task (Assaf, et al, 1995).

Selling the PPP concept to the right people in the government set up is critical for it to be successful. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are several influential people in the government, if they are not involved in the ‘educating’ or in any of the consultation processes. They can maliciously stall the project in the last stage. Minnow, Martha and Jody Freeman (2009) opines that this might be a reason why PPPs have not yet taken off in Saudi Arabia. The cases of successful PPPs are scattered and rare, for example the King Abdul Aziz Endowment of the Two Holy Mosques Project.

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