Sample Essay

The main strengths of the company which have served as the success factors for it in terms of establishing in the position of the company in the market and adding to its total worth pertain to the high number of sales the company has.

The business model of the company directly contributes to this as it is very unique in its inception. The proposition of products to DIY and BIY customers as well as the professional customers in a large open space similar to a warehouse holds appeal for the customers. This matched with the low prices model has been one of the most significant success factors for the company.

The other success factor pertains to the well known brand name of the company. Home Depot is a much uncomplicated name which is easy to remember. Moreover the company has been very appropriately positioned in the market as the place where the customers can find any kind of home improvement product or tool that they can imagine. Moreover the extensive variety pf products as well as services offered in one place has given the company a house hold reputation as a single source of materials for the DIY, BIY and professional workers. Aside form this the company also offers branded as well as unbranded products which can appeal to the budget and the tastes of a wide range of customers

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