Sample Essay

There are several biases that are part of this study and these include the researcher’s bias, being Jordan-based, which could lead to a stereotypical image of the country being represented through the survey questions that could skew the results of the survey. This might also prove detrimental to the study as some leading questions without being intended as such would be asked.

Another bias that is inherent in the research is the assumption that the UK model for HRM is better and that Jordan HRM practices will be necessarily be worse-off as compared to the UK. The best manner to alleviate this risk is to define the efficacy of the system in broad terms and measure each of the systems and process in accordance with these criteria in both the countries. Further to this, Jordan might be more likely to be a lower scorer as it is a developing country, but some of the policies that it has implemented might be more suited in the cultural context, and that is where the model derived by (Morris, et al., 2009) will be helpful.

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