This research was informed by the objectives which are outlined and defined in chapter one. It is important to acquire full understanding of the research, putting in sequence, all research elements. This is done to avoid instances of misunderstanding. The objectives were identified and outlined early; to critically analyse the traditional procurement process which has been applied by the Saudi Government for well over three decades (Zain Al-Abidien, 1983).

Identify the inhibiting factors in the traditional procurement process and use the information gathered to suggest the need for an improved procurement process.

Outline possible alternatives to the traditional procurement route, with special focus on PPPs.

Elucidate how PPPs can eliminate the problems occasioned in the traditional procurement route.

Analyse the reasons which might be informing the logic of the Saudi Government to stick with the traditional route in its construction projects. This is despite the success evinced by the King Abdul Aziz Endowment of the Two Holy Mosques projects.

The first order of business was the understanding of the traditional procurement process, PPPs, both their advantages and disadvantages and the genesis of all the present problems. The need to challenge the Government of Saudi Arabia to adopt PPPs in place of the traditional procurement route has been defended to its logical hilt (Zain Al-Abidien, 1983).

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