Sample Essay

The text presents that the professionals should seek to not just prevent boundary violations, instead they should seek to look into the possible violation in terms of how they can affect the relationship between the professional and the client and can create an imbalance of power and influence in the relationship by misusing the trust. This is because the professionals can often consider the violations which are invisible to be less serious than those which leave visible after effects.

The text provides that there exists a definite power structure in the client and professional relationship which is tilted towards the professional who has authority and influence over the client. However most of the boundary violations that take place are those where an attempt is made by the professional to build string personal relationships with the client by either discounting the balance of power or by eliminating the power structure from the relationship to create equality between the two parties involved. This is where the professional goes beyond the realm of their professional and ethical goals and objectives and enters the personal realm which essentially has to be kept separate especially in the case of client and professional relationships. The underlying assumption depicted by the professionals in for this is that “mutuality rests on needing to be equal or the same or that acknowledging your power is oppressive or harmful to clients, [and] miss the reality of the potential for professionals’ power to enhance the relational connection and empower clients” (Peterson, 1992, p9)

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