Sample Essay

Peterson (1992) provides in her book that the relationship between the client and the professional is essentially defined by the boundaries which are the limits of allowance created to safeguard both the client and the professional from harm. These limits make way for a safe connection that is based the needs of the clients instead of the common misconception of their wants.

Peterson depicts in his book that a boundary violations occurs when the professional involved in the client professional relationship places his/ her own needs above those of the clients. “Professional misconduct is commonly defined by content (for example, sexual harassment or misuse of client funds); this practice eclipses the injury to the relationship itself and ignores, dismisses, or normalizes violations that do not fit within the specific categories of malfeasance or codes of ethics.” (Peterson, 1992) Professionals seek perfection as an outcome of the relationship with their clients which is not possible as due to the nature of their professions some sort of discrepancy and compromise remains in the relationship with a tilted power scale favoring the professional. The violations occur where either the perfection is sought by the professional or where the professional works for his or her own personal benefits/ gains.

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