Sample Essay

The Gestalt therapy approach can be used by therapists to decrease anxiety amongst clients. An application of the Gestalt therapy for anxiety control and reduction was apparent in a study conducted Shraga by in which the clients taken in were students. The study pertained to aiding and assisting the students to organize and handle their levels of stress in different situations. The students were taught to reduce body stress by exercising and relaxing through different breathing and body movements. Similarly they were also taught to differentiate the dimensions of time and realize which things are important for them to focus on in a short period of time.

The Gestalt therapy process is specifically used by therapists to change the behavior of the people, by making them aware of their attitudes, and actions.  The Gestalt therapy process is very complex for the clients to understand, as a result there are limited number of volunteer clients who subject themselves to this therapy. The therapists are therefore forced to conduct the Gestalt therapy on themselves in the initial phase of their careers to master the practice of the therapy analyze the analogies and discrepancies they might be facing in their live as well. This is the reason as to why the Gestalt therapy is said to be one that enforces personal development on the client or participants. “Gestalt therapy integrates the body and mind factors, by stressing awareness and integration. Integration of behaving, feelings, and thinking is the main goal in Gestalt therapy. Client’s are viewed as having the ability to recognize how earlier life influences may have changed their life’s. The client is made aware of personal responsibility, how to avoid problems, to finish unfinished matters, to experience thing in a positive light, and in the awareness of now.” (Gestalt Therapy)

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