Sample Essay

After gathering the majority of the complaints and the inefficiencies that exist in the company it has been determined that the problem that is faced by the company is the stagnant culture of the organization which does not promote involvement of the management in the decision making while not investing in the development of the human resource as well. The values and the objectives of the day to day tactical decisions as well as the more strategic decision are all made by the top level management which has increased discontent while decreasing the motivation to excel and work in the organization for the employees at the lower level of the management. This is contributing to the lack of motivation depicted by employees in the face of unrealized career based goals and objectives at the work place.

The company currently works on the bureaucratic and mechanistic thinking which is focused on comprehending the ultimate elements and is made up on the basis of a complex and giant hierarchical structure. In mechanistic thinking the focus of the organization is on the perception of the human resource as a mechanical tool for productivity and operations (Jaeger, 1994, p147).  The main thinking and approach that is followed by the company and the organization in the current scenario is that the organization is made up of the sum of the several business functions. The organizational hierarchy is the main focus and resource for making decisions, as all the decisions pertaining to the operation of the company and developing strategies and objectives is made by the top level of the management and the board if directors.

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