Sample Essay

The success factor of the company is the senior management of the company. In survey conducted by the CCL in North Carolina, it was reported that 20 percent of the respondents mentioned that the management was a main source of success for a company while 40 percent acceded to pointing out the CEO as being responsible. “About 20 percent of respondents indicated personal characteristics were a key success factor for midlevel management, while that figure rose to nearly 40 percent for CEOs. “

Thinking like a host means truly listening to stakeholders, so that all feel comfortable and valued. CEOs who take the concept of host behavior to heart will make a much stronger positive impression than those who adopt defensive attitude. When Robert Nardelli took the helm at Home Depot Inc., he spent months visiting stakeholders, making sure all were comfortable with him as a host, before implementing his vision for the company’s next stage of growth.” (Bird, 2005) The main characteristics that are required in the CEO and the senior management for it to be a success factor pertain to them acting and thinking like hoists, appreciating dissent, depicting integrity in their work and comprehending the difference between substance and show.

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