). This law was enacted by the 96th congress and it amended the 42nd public health title.  It was introduced as S.2150, H.R. 14496 by Randolph and Rooney back on 21st July, 1975. it was passed by the senate on 30th June, 1976, and the house on 27th Sept, 1976 and was finally passed as law by President Ford on 21st Oct, 1976.

The law was later amended in 1984 by expanding it with the hazardous and solid waste amendment. The law met opposition from industrialists who were required to clean up their already existing waste dump sites. It created problems for them as some sort third world countries to dump their waste away from the country and the law. The reason as to why this was so was because these industries so it expensive to find alternative disposal methods and the cleaning of dump sites were an expensive measure Environmental Law (2009).

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