Sample Essay

The Shariah Law is the legislative system which is provided for by Islam. The legal framework under the Shariah law is aimed at regulating the public as well as the private behavior of the people in a justifiable manner according to the teachings of Islam. The Shariah Law is derived from the teachings of Islam as depicting in the Koran, the sayings and the life teachings/ conduct of the Prophet Muhammad along with the combination of fatwa’s that are passed through Islamic Jurisprudence.

The Shariah law allows that as the changes take place according to the passage of time it be required for additional legislature to be implemented under the Shariah. As a result some aspects of the legal framework are considered by a group of Islamic scholars and clerics who form the Islamic jurisprudence through which fatwa’s or declarations can be made for inclusion in the Shariah law. The main concept that drives Shariah are humanity, equality and peace

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