Sample Essay


In the case ofShermanagainst theChurchofDivine Light, theChurchofDivine Lightintentionally threatened Rob Jr. with verbal threats to keep him away from his family and home, while there was also intention of causing emotional distress to the parents as a result of the separation from their minor child. Secondly Rob Jr. along with his parents Rob Sr. and Bunny Sherman suffered severe and mental distress form their separation and during the time it took for Rob Jr. to recover from his brainwashing that was inflicted by the Church of Divine Light.



Fraud by misrepresentation is a crime whereby one party presented fabricated information to the other for the purpose of attaining an objective or conducting a transaction.



The elements of the tort, fraud by misrepresentation include the defendant believing the representation based on previous facts, the representation provided being false, the defendant being aware of the representation as being false, the defendant intentionally using the fraudulent representation to attain personal gain or objectives and the plaintiff not being aware that the representation is false at the time it was made.

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