Sample Essay

Although a certain group of Egyptians worshipped animals, they also combined humans with animals. It was always that the head of the animal was combined with the body of a human. For kings, however, it was the opposite like the sphinxes.

Such a tradition might have probably arisen when the priests started wearing heads of animals when they wanted to personate the gods; for instance, when assuming the status of the god Amon the priest wore a ram’s skins. Let us now take few examples of these gods. There was Seker, the Memphite god of the dead. He was represented through the mummified figure of a hawk. Mert Seger was the goddess of Thebes and her representation was through a snake. Khnumu was the creator and the god of the cataract. His pictures show him having the head of a ram. Sekhmet was the lion goddess and she was a representation of the ferocity of the warmth of the sun. She was shown having a lioness’ head. Anubis was the patron of the dead and was drawn with a jackal’s head.

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