Sample Essay

Among the different traditions of the Egyptians, one very strong belief was that of Divine Kingship. According to this belief the Egyptians considered their Pharaoh to be the King along with being their god. Their view was that he had some kind of an association with Horus who was the son of the sun god, Re. Such beliefs gave a great deal of importance to the Pharaohs such that every good occurrence or a mishap resulted in them getting the credit or blame.

It was also said that the Pharaoh was thought to have a link with the gods and acted as a kind of an intermediary between the people and the gods. He used to have to make offerings to the gods and for this purpose the Egyptians made contributions to the state. However, later on with the decline in the Pharaoh’s status there was a rise in the popularity of the religious traditions and practices which were somewhat associated with but different from the rituals.

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