Sample Essay

The different massive temples in Egypt and the other structures like the pyramids reflect the various aspects of the Egyptian religion. Museums have been found full of statues of deities having animal and bird heads. The Egyptians had a great number of gods whom they worshipped but even if we list down all those gods and goddesses it would not provide a complete and actual description of the beliefs of the Egyptians. However, the two most important and popular Egyptian gods were Osiris and Isis.

The former was the god of Nile while Isis was said to be the god of fertility. They also had gods of stars and air and fire. The ancient Egyptian religion was a very complicated structure containing several beliefs and traditions that were considered very important to their society. The religion concentrated upon the interaction of the people with several different deities and it was the Egyptian belief that these deities were responsible for controlling the natural elements. The myths attached to their gods were basically a kind of an explanation for the origins of the forces that they were a representation of. Also, the rituals that the Egyptians performed were done in order to please their gods.

Talking about the deities, the Egyptians associated each of them with the different elements of nature. Such elements included air, ferocity of lions, or even immaterial forces such as authority. Thus the Egyptians’ belief was in multiple gods who had an involvement with each and every aspect of nature as well as the people, and therefore it was particularly necessary that they were pleased and offered sacrifices (Allen 43-44).

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