Sample Essay

The study aims at critically and comprehensively reviewing the state of high school dropouts in the Las Cruces Public School District and the reason behind the drop-out. Additionally, the study endeavours to determine the differences in the school dropout rates across gender, age, and race within Las Cruces Public School (LCHS).

Specifically, the study will look at the dropout rates of the residential population in the Las.  In so doing, the study will provide useful information regarding the causes and the gravity of school dropouts in Las Cruces  Public School (LCHS).

Research questions

The study will use a qualitative research model in investigating the issue of high school dropout within the Las Cruces Public School District. This research is designed to answer the research questions.

(1).Why is Las Cruces Public School District experiencing increased students dropout rates among high school students?

(2). How can the problem of dropping out of school high schools within Las Cruces Public School District be addressed?

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