Firstly, the government identifies the desired project and its purposes to the community in general. Then, a committee is established which formulates the tenders and invites the public to bid. The primary cause of delay then commences; the project is divided into four departments, namely; the designers, contractors, supervisors and the cleaners. The designers are tasked with the duty of coming up with breath taking architectural designs, these are then subjected to scrutiny by the committee in charge. A lot of time is consumed during this process. After the designers have been chosen the search for the best contractors begin (Moszoro and Gasiorowski, 2008)

With contractors, there is an indication of life in the project since they are responsible for breaking ground and commencing the building. However, construction cannot proceed until the supervisors have tendered their bids and won. Supervisors are responsible for the overseeing the construction, ensuring that the right tools, measurements and personnel are involved in the right areas (Sambasivan and Soon, 2007).When the construction ends, if ever, the cleaners are appointed to ensure that the building is sparkling clean and the debris occasioned by the construction is to be ridden off responsibly.

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