Sample Essay

The planning of the project is crucially important as a function of project management. The planning function provides the structure and the guidelines for the development, execution and rollout of the product. The planning of the product constitutes the needs assessment of the users for the system, identification of the requirements of the system and the roles it is supposed to play in terms of providing service to the clients. Aside from this the planning function also provides the outline of the system architecture through the system modeling, and depicts the simulation based analysis through prototyping.

The planning function also provides the basis of the development of the project through the proposed project guidelines for system architecture. Additionally the system planning aspect also helps in identifying the risks associated with the project and provides the specific strategies for the mitigation of these risks at all stages of project development and execution. The budgeting and forecasting of the costs for the project are also performed in the project and systems planning phase, from the product manager’s perspectives.

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