Sample Essay

The retail businesses seek to adjust the price of the products, modify the products themselves as well as enhance or diversity the positioning and the placement of the products and services in the market in order to increase the demand for the customer. The promotion plays a big part in increasing the demand for the products and the companies make use of various advertising and promotional strategies to attract the customers to their business.  “Advertising can create demand for not only your product, but other products in your product category.

This isn’t a completely bad thing, but what you really should try and generate interest for if your product within that category. This is also known as secondary demand. Advertising that tries to influence demand for a specify product should present reasoned arguments and emotional appeals to generate more demand for the product over competing products. What makes your product better? Why should people buy it? When creating your marketing message think about how to incorporate answers to these type of questions.” (‘Functions of Advertising: Informs, Influences, Reminds, Alters Perceptions, Assisting In Company Efforts’)

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