Sample Essay

As depicted earlier the demand of LPG has been increasing markedly in the last decade. This is mostly due to the use of LPS in the households as well as in the industries. However the recent spurt in the growth of LPG demand has been due to the usage of LPG in the commercial motor vehicles and modes of transportation. The private motor vehicles that are used by the common population inPakistanare also now employing LPG based equipment and are consuming LPG products in order to avoid the inflationary rising prices of petroleum fuel. “The use of LPG in domestic and commercial sectors results in the replacement of furnace oil and conservation of forests. There has been a great demand for LPG both in domestic and commercial sector. There is a great potential for the promotion of LPG for domestic and other consumption purposes as fuel is used for curing tobacco leaves in NWFP every year. In better results than the firewood, LPG could also be used for banana curing for the other food-drying purposes.” (‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’, 1999)

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