Sample Essay

The literature review combined with the Christmas and Sales analysis of Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser have provided that while the size of the company can lead to improved business, high turnover and sae, high level of profits as well as increased market share, however the more efficient yet smaller company can bear through recession like market conductions with a healthy performance.

The oncoming recession marked the start of the year 2008 and combined with the crashing of the global financial and banking markets, the confidence level in spending for the consumers greatly decreased all over. This resulted in depressed performance in all sectors of the business, as well as the entire retail industry. Marks & Spencer invested exhaustive funds to attract the customers to increase their spending during the Christmas holiday season through elaborate marketing & advertisement campaigns as well as gradual sales and discounting on items however the repressed confidence led to low level of spending on part of the consumer resulting in low sales levels and lower profit levels for the company.

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