Meanwhile, Kenly withdrew his soldiers to Camp Hill, where they defended the South Fork Bridge. This made the Confederates slow their assault and advance. However, the Confederate army marched through Front Royal, while fighting off the US army.

They crossed Happy Creek, and the leader deployed a division near Prospect Hill to fight the Union soldiers stationed there, and those on Camp Hill. In the meantime, a group of soldiers, led by Ashby and Lt. Colonel Flournoy reached the US post in Buckton. His assault on the US soldiers led to the deaths of a few of his soldiers. However, the US soldiers surrendered a situation that enabled him to cut telegraph lines. This ended the communication the Union army at Strasburg was having with that stationed at Front Royal. This made it difficult for them to come to the rescue of their comrades in Front Royal. Reinforcements became even harder when Ashby’s division kept watch over Buckton to ensure that the US soldiers in Front Royal did not receive help.

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