Sample Essay

The company Telecom Inc. can merge its EAP for substance abuse and the health programs offered by the company to its employees. This is mostly because of the reason as mentioned earlier that the health programs and the EAP for substance abuse can work together to improve the health of the employees while reduce the cost of the programs for the company as well.

“An employee assistance program (EAP) is an employer-sponsored intervention designed to identify and assist employees with personal problems that interfere with their work performance. Personal problems may include substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs), aids/aids-related complex, psychiatric disorders, workplace violence, marital and family problems, and financial and legal difficulties. EAPs serve the organization by: (a) assessing the nature of the employee’s problem; (b) selecting appropriate community resources to assist the employee; (c) assisting the employee in acquiring such services; (d) follow-up of the employee at the workplace; and (e) training and consultation with supervisors and managers about related policies and procedures.” (Youngblood, 2005)

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