Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier, the data collection was conducted through two modes. Structured interviews and questionnaire based surveys. The questionnaires were self responding online questionnaires which were sent out through the internet based corporate and social networks to women employed in the fields of financial services, banking and information technology. The target region for this research was London as well as other metropolitan and business district housing regions of England.

The questionnaire was chosen as a tool for data collection as it provides an easy method of data collection which is easy to analyze as well, specifically of the questions are structured and close ended. Moreover the online nature of the questionnaire enabled us to circulate to more remote and unattainable areas therefore resulting in a wide population being surveyed. The disadvantage faced by online questionnaires however is that the response rate for the questionnaires is considerably low.

The structured interviews were conducted on five female managers who IT, Insurance, Financial Services and Banking functions respectively. The structured nature of the survey allowed us to target all the aspects of the issue that we were trying to identify and highlight while keeping the scope of the interview limited to the issue of barriers and glass ceiling faced by women. The disadvantage however was that other related issues which aggravate the situation for females were not highlighted due to the structured nature of the interview.

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