Sample Essay

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The research makes use of both qualitative and quantitative data on which qualitative as well as quantitative analysis is performed. The literature review males use of the secondary information that is mostly qualitative in nature. The past performance records of the companies during Christmas seasons as well as the specific strategies that have been used by them to increase and influence their sales are highlighted in the literature review. The theoretical concept is also elaborated in the literature review with detailed overview of the relevant microeconomic and marketing concepts. The quantitative data is utilized in the analysis sections where the financial performance of the company is explored and analysed through quantitative data analysis techniques to determine the trends for the performance of the retailers during the Christmas season.

Validity and Reliability

The validity of the data used and the study undertaken in the research was ensured by making sure the data used for the qualitative and the quantitative analysis was valid and had integrity. The integrity of the data was ensured by gathering data form authorized sources of information, industry reports and peer reviewed journals. The financial information was taken form the official company websites particularly their shareholder information sections. Aside from this an unbiased approach was taken when gathering and analysing the data for this research.

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