Sample Essay

The analysis of the data gathered and the literature review revealed that in the UK retail market there can be competition in a large company like Marks & Spencer and a smaller retailer like the House of Fraser. While both of the companies are retailers with an image and persona for being an elite high street retailers catering to similar target markets with similar products and services. Their scope and operations are quite different. House of Fraser is a smaller establishment primarily focused in UK and Ireland while Marks& Spencer is a global brand that has operations in multiple countries and therefore access to larger resources for its operations.

Despite the size of the companies, the Christmas season of 2008 depicted that House of Fraser was able to attain a better level of sales turnover and growth in the face of the recession as compared to Marks & Spencer which faced huge losses and a drastic fall in its sales levels. The reason as to why House of Fraser fared better than Marks & Spencer was mainly due to its size, the flexibility with which it was able to change its branding and theme in the market to a more focused one and the implementation of innovative technology to support the business processes while investing in store management and strategic marketing plans focused on increasing customer loyalty.

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