Sample Essay

The spatial and psychological distances that separate the three Leut from one another have worked to create distinctive differences in each group. А Schmiedeleut colony is typically а cluster of independent and semidetached homes surrounding а central work and production area. Averaging approximately 110 to 220 members each, the Schmiedeleut colonies have more the air of small villages than of orderly colonies (Hutterites 1-4).

                On the other extreme of colony size are the Dariusleut colonies. The “typical” Dariusleut colony has about ninety members, and many fall well below eighty members in size. Although there are some exceptions in the newer colonies, most of the Dariusleut live in а cluster of duplexes on one side of the colony compound with the work area on the other side. The Lehrerleut fall between the other two in size; their typical colony has about 105 members (Ingoldsby 1). They live in long, barracks-like apartments usually oriented in а straight north-south direction. The whole colony appears efficient and ordered. There is little decoration either inside or outside their homes. Their two-story apartments are back-to-back and side-to-side with their neighbors. Close relatives tend to cluster together on а particular segment of the apartment complex. Privacy is minimal, given that there are neighbors on three sides.  The sheds and barns of the Lehrerleut colonies share the same ordered planning.

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