Sample Essay

When preparing comics the cartoonists and authors have eschewed the formal traditions, but still there are certain forms and conventions that they employ for conveying their story and speech or in order to arouse emotions and feelings. Tools like speech balloons or boxes are used for indicating speech and to give out information, and other devices such as panels and gutters are for allowing the story to flow easily. The authors use different aspects of art such as design, symbolism and ambiguity for establishing a subtext of the meaning they intend to suggest. Comics are uncomplicated because they are non-linear and may prove to be hard to be read at times. Thus, their simplicity is what helps the reader in getting the gist, although the readers’ “frame of mind” is the determining factor behind the understanding of a particular comic (Mccloud). Chap4.

When we put together the unusual characteristics of comic books and an event such as the Holocaust, Art Spiegelman’s Maus can be considered a totally new and wonderful piece of art. Normally comics are all about superheroes like Batman, or wacky characters such as Archie. Therefore, if we look at a comic book with such a horrifying topic like the Holocaust it may seem that the author has an extremely bad taste and vision. In spite of all this, however, Maus has eventually successfully portrayed the terrible happening of that event and the comic speaks to the shadows which are as yet continuing to cast upon those who survived the Holocaust.

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