Sample Essay

It is possible for the college to encourage or explicitly demand certain attitudes pertaining to social class. This is characteristics of college and universities that are established on the bases of social class like elite schools and universities as well as the public or government run schools and universities for the underprivileged. In such universities, the discrepancy of the social standing and status as well as the social class is usually emphasized upon resulting in the preference or the encouragement of certain social class and attitudes.

Elite colleges and universities tend to have a high reputation in terms of quality, services and resources, however only the students who can afford the university can partake in education in such institutions causing a social class discrepancy and favoritism. .Moreover in cases where scholarship based middle or low income students do attain positions at the elite university, they are usually require to adhere to the social norms and customs of the lifestyle as west by the higher social class based students. This can pertain to hanging out at certain spots, the behavior of the individual, the dressing as well as the appearance of the person etc. The main factors that influence the students in such circumstances are peer pressure as well as acceptance to the group they are residing or moving about in. Other ways in which the college itself may require the students to adhere to or apply or adopt certain class attitudes can be by encouraging them to hand out in specific social circles, handled and organize events targeted for and participates in by a specific social class as well as by the orientation of the teachers, instructors and the professors towards favoritisms of certain type of behavior and social culture.

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