Sample Essay

The reason as to why one should stand up against discrimination or racism is because it is in essence a wrong concept to begin with. It causes discrepancies in our society as well as creates a rift between the different communities causing more problems than solution. The abolishing of racism in the community tends to remove tension, prejudices and the resentment from amongst the different communities residing in the region leading for a better and much harmonious future. No certain community is better than the other or having better characteristics, wealth or capabilities than the others.

The reason as to why it seems as if the whites are dominant is because of the fact that they are given the opportunities to reach their aspirations. They have very minimal, social, or even traditional boundaries which can prevent them from achieving their objectives as per their desires and ambitions in life. The non white communities in Americaare often first judged before they even implement or seek out strategies and steps for achieving their ambitions. The historic position of the blacks and the non whites in America puts them in a negative position when it comes to availing public facilities, having discounts and access to certain clubs and stores, getting quality service for their products as well as attaining the education and careers that they might be aspiring for. Moreover the notion and opinion that the black community has for itself also creates invisible boundaries for them in the society which keeps them back from exploiting and exploring their full capabilities.

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